Medtech, partnership between Acrotec Group and AddUp |
20 October, 2022

Acrotec Group partners with AddUp to enhance the future of Medtech

Tectri’s parent group Acrotec has partnered with AddUp, a global metal additive manufacturing OEM. The partnership will enable Acrotec Group to offer its clients a wider spectrum of innovative solutions in the field of manufacturing of high-precision micro-components.

“At Tectri we are thrilled to witness this partnership, which will open for us new opportunities for exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as offer to our clients a broader set of services and customization options” – said Jean-Pascal Wisard, the new CEO of Tectri.

AddUp is a globally recognized supplier of metal parts produced using additive manufacturing techniques. In recent years, 3D printed metal parts have found numerous applications in a multitude of high-precision fields, and especially in the healthcare industry.

Tectri has over two decades of experience manufacturing state-of-the-art medical parts: orthopedic, dental and cardiovascular implants, as well as components for invasive surgical instruments for the world’s leading med-tech OEMs. Thanks to a deep expertise in the use of last-generation CNC techniques and machinery, Tectri is able to deliver complex parts in a range of sizes: medical screws, stems, pins, abutment, drills, divers… Tectri works on medical alloys and plastics, such as Cobalt Chrome, PEEK, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Titanium or phynox.

The collaboration between Acrotec and AddUp is bound to benefit all of the group’s member companies. It will help them to strengthen and expand their expertise and promote the development of unique and innovative industrial solutions for the rapidly evolving medical technology sector.

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