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About Tectri

With us, you won’t just find a sales department, but competent, responsive partners who can answer your questions and help you develop your products.. Tectri is first and foremost a team of skilled people, passionate about high-precision mechanics and aware of our mutual responsibility for the final outcome of the products we supply.

Integrated quality

At Tectri, we constantly strive to ensure that quality management is not a reactive action, but a proactive one.

In addition to a quality system deployed throughout the company’s processes, which we consider to be our “backbone”, at Tectri all measures are in place to ensure total data integrity.

As a result, we have equipped ourselves with high-performance metrology equipment, such as vision control systems, 3D probing and the Lumen device developed by Acrotec R&D.

Integrated <strong>quality</strong>

Tectri's History

Founded in 1998 by Gilbert and Fabien Bouduban, father and son, Tectri continues the long history of precision mechanics for which Swiss companies are renowned. After a major fire destroyed the site in Court (BE) in 2017, the company quickly installed new production equipment in Bévilard (BE). Just three weeks later, Tectri’s agile team began delivering the first parts to customers again. Finally, in 2019, Tectri SA joined the Acrotec Group.

Tectri's <strong>History</strong>

Tectri's mission

Our mission is to serve our customers as closely as possible to their expectations, in terms of quality, regulatory and legal requirements, respect for deadlines, confidentiality, attentiveness to their needs, and competitive pricing, thanks to our technological expertise and strong local roots.

Tectri's <strong>mission</strong>
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